Unafraid – Part 3: Spies

By Kondo Simfukwe

The problem is not the feeling of fear. The problem is the choices made when afraid. Living unafraid is about learning to live without being dictated by fear. Tune in to Part 3 of our Unafraid series.

Unafraid – Part 2

By Kondo Simfukwe

Fear is the primary weapon the enemy is using to keep us from joy and impact as the Church. Don’t let the enemy keep playing you and moving you like a pawn. Satan is the enemy, NOT the person next to you. A united Church is the biggest threat to his empire.

Unafraid – Part 1: Moses

By Jeff Gill

It is amazing how much we do (or don’t do) based on the fear of what could go wrong. How different might your life look if you lived without fear? Is that even possible? Is there an antidote for fear? What does the Bible say?

Bodyworks – Part 2

By Kondo Simfukwe

Did you know you can find your greatest fulfillment and purpose first IN THE CHURCH? Not in your major, not in your job, not in your accomplishments, not in trying to match someone else’s life? Take a listen to Part 2 of our series for the to do list for life success!

Summer Psalms – Part 1

By Jeff Gill

We look for so many ways to experience peace and joy in our lives, but they fall short. As we have launched our “Summer Psalms” series,
we will see together the wisdom of “Taking delight in the Lord, and He will give us the desires of our hearts”.

Word – Part 6

By Kondo Simfukwe

The Word of God is our greatest weapon against the enemy! The Son of the living God Himself rushed to what was written in the Word of God to do battle. There is no greater strategy! Tune in to hear how to activate the Word of God powerfully AND accurately.

Word – Part 5

By Kondo Simfukwe

Living in a way that brings a smile to His face and satisfaction to my soul is a path not a place. The question isn’t if I am perfectly pure as a person or am I on the path called purity. Are you a person in process? Are you on the journey called purity, living how you were designed to live? Listen in to Part 5 of our series, Word.

Word – Part 3

By Kondo Simfukwe

If you knew no one would judge you, would you voice your doubts about Jesus? If you do have any doubts, you need to know you would have gotten along royally with the founders of the Church…Jesus’ first and closest followers! Jesus’ response to your doubt isn’t indictment; it is invitation. Tune in to Part 3 of our series, WORD.

Strangers – Part 12

By Kyle Brenneman

What a privilege we have to be representatives of God’s goodness in this hurting, dark world! Listen in to our series conclusion as we consider what it truly looks like to be salt and light as followers of Jesus.

Easter Sunday 2021

By Kondo Simfukwe

Jesus isn’t looking for people who’ve made it. He’s looking for people who have messed up…the resigned, the insecure, the frustrated. He’s looking for people like YOU, friend! Tune into our Resurrection Sunday message from John 21.

Strangers – Part 10

We are so grateful Pastor Jarod Osborne of Pathway Church shared with us! How blessed we are to link arms with other brothers and sisters in our county. Are you a laborer in God’s harvest? Tune in to hear afresh how God works in and through us to expand His Kingdom!

Strangers – Part 9

By Kondo Simfukwe

Becoming a peacemaker means losing the labels. Being a peace MAKER means clearing a path of friendship with those you may have disdain for or keep at a distance.  Lean into Matthew 5:9 with us as we lean into God’s design for our blessing!

Strangers – Part 7

By Kondo Simfukwe

Our heart posture makes a huge difference in whether we are just a fan of Jesus or a true follower, whether we are intentional in allowing Jesus-truth to take root in our lives or we are indifferent. Listen in as we take inventory of our hearts in our series, Strangers: Living for a Better Kingdom.

Strangers – Part 2

By Kondo Simfukwe

We are conditioned in our culture to consider being poor a disadvantage. Yet being poor in spirit is what enables us to have access to a heavenly kingdom! Tune in to part two of our series, Strangers: Living For A Better Kingdom.

Strangers – Part 1

Are you living your life beyond the church walls as a fan or a follower of Jesus? Are you part of the “Jesus crowd” or committed to Jesus? Tune into this timely message as we start 2021 with this series from the Sermon on the Mount.

My Word – Part 1

By Kyle Brenneman

As 2020 begins, many of us will dare to ask the question: How will I be a better version of myself this year?

While many will answer that question by making resolutions, others of us will choose a Word For The Year. This word will serve as a prayer…a hope…a banner that we are believing will mark and define our year.

Ready or Not – Part 4

By Jeff Gill

Christians have been expecting and even predicting the second coming for Jesus for centuries. What does this long period of waiting say about the heart of God? And how should His promised return effect us daily?

Ready or Not – Part 2

By Jeff Gill

One of our greatest challenges as Christians is to practice the things we have already learned from the Bible. It’s great to learn more Scripture, but God is even more interested in us living out what we already know!

Squad Goals – Part 8

By Jeff Gill

As Christians, most of us know that pride and arrogance are not the characteristics of Jesus, and therefore should not be ours either.

How can we grow in humility when self-centeredness seems to be such a way of life for most of us?

Paradox – Part 1

By Kondo Simfukwe

We live in such a polarized time. We are constantly pressured to pick sides and commit to extremes.
What if the best options are found closer to the middle? Are you willing to shift? Would you feel like a sellout? Are you willing to live in the tension?

Brave – Facing the Giants in Me: Part 4

By Jeff Gill and MP Voices

With all the unsettling news headlines and all the things that could possibly go wrong in our lives, how can we possibly be anything but anxious and afraid? In this series, we wrestle with what it looks like to face fear, worry & sadness head on.