Squad Goals – Part 8

By Jeff Gill

As Christians, most of us know that pride and arrogance are not the characteristics of Jesus, and therefore should not be ours either.

How can we grow in humility when self-centeredness seems to be such a way of life for most of us?

Paradox – Part 1

By Kondo Simfukwe

We live in such a polarized time. We are constantly pressured to pick sides and commit to extremes.
What if the best options are found closer to the middle? Are you willing to shift? Would you feel like a sellout? Are you willing to live in the tension?

Brave – Facing the Giants in Me: Part 4

By Jeff Gill and MP Voices

With all the unsettling news headlines and all the things that could possibly go wrong in our lives, how can we possibly be anything but anxious and afraid? In this series, we wrestle with what it looks like to face fear, worry & sadness head on.